Sunday, November 26, 2006

sunday 26 11 2006

lost lost lost lost

last few days i keep thinking of wad to aim for in 2007.. i do research surf net.. see how much the thing cost..

i decide wad i wan.. it is listed in my wants column.. hmm it is gd to aim high.. becoz if nv achieve, at least u have tried.. but i will nv give up.....

lols.. nowadays feel beri lost... i going to ord soon.. but i totally unprepared for working life.. is it very tough?

the childish, self absorbed side of me can tahan arnot

can i handle the stress of working?

can i be the normal me?

i so proud person.. dun wan admit defeat.. always tink higher of myself than i m..

can i really do well in my future life.. i dun know wad to tink..

i always make ppl angry sad,,unable to make ppl smile

how many ppl i can count as my true frens?

r u my fren?

i feel emotionally distant.. very drained...

but i wan live on as i m.. becoz i nt living for myself..

i know i living on for my mother.. she will wan me bravely live on and achieve things..

she tink of the world of me.. i can nv give up despite my personality failures

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