Tuesday, November 07, 2006


blogging in library..
make it fast
yesterday i gt a tot.

i tink i achieve very few things in life..
i started to wonder wad actually i achieve
tink very few lei

on my trophy cabinet..

i gt 1 chinese chess champion trophy..

1 plaque for achieving 6 distinction in olvl exams..

certificates for outstanding academic achievements in sec schdays..

ntu certificate in biz n finance.. n some stupid certs i get during my few yrs in poly n army..
WITS microsoft word expert.. sip excellence cert..
oh ya.. 2 plaque and photos for being best soldier in feb 05 and may 06

tink i achieve very little in life..

uh 1 more thing i nv achieve.. i dun have any gf

any comments or help?

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