Saturday, November 04, 2006

dreams do come true i hope....

mi sian sia.. i tink the coming months will really seriously tax on my finances...

i got 5 more modules to go..5 more to complete.. 5 x 399.. woah plus exam fee

where i m going to get the money...

sumtime i guess i reali need find job.. but mi so lazy sia..

now still havent find a good job but all dun suit me n timing..
seriously i lookng towards ord..

den i find ft job.. n den get tsuck in the ft job to earn extra cash.. jiayou jincai..

u choose this path.. u must complete it..

now i duty.. damn sian..

i just hope the follwing 45 days will be smooth.. den i ord le

45 more days to go...
i miss my com
i miss alot of ppl

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