Tuesday, July 04, 2006

my first saa lesson

okie.. firstly saa stand for singapore accounting academy..

my class will be at tuesday and thursday... 7-10pm


tooday my first lesson.===== here how it goes...

hmm 6plus i take mrt.. mit cailian at aljunied mrt.. take book.. go eat dinner with her..

then 7pm arrived.. i was late for 5 min or so..

when i stepped into the classroom, i was so-called disoriented

i can imagine so many ppl.. gt all kind of pppl... gt young office guys, young office ladies.. aunties.. uncles..malays chinese indians... even gt a young teengae boi..omg...

but mostly office ladies.. wee

i sit down at the rear seats in the classroom.. quite big.. lecturer so far frm me..

hmm i receive my notes...

quite interesting.. long time nv study feeling.. i have it back le..

haha actually first lesson quite ok.. very basics of acct

knew the users of acct... accouting equation.. assets.. liabilties.. book keeping. accouting process...return inward/outwards/drawings..

lol simple stuff.. learn before.. do exercise oso damn fast..

perhaps the next few lessons will be tougher..lol

hmm early release of class..zz then went back home to my computer..... still gt 1 more day of off!

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