Wednesday, July 05, 2006

ever optimistic for a simple life

a simple life..
every1 wish so..
as i see through my cupboard of trophies, medals, certificates..
i always been a winner
these trohpies. certificates, medal... but all these seemm so hollow now..
i would rather exchnage all these achievements for a simple life..
forget abt living expenses
forget abt bills
forget abt studies
forget abt everything

just wan a simple life with my lover n family..
everyday just do some planting , jogging, walking ard the park
rearing pets..

but so hard lei..

i quite tired to chase after achievements..
sadly gt a gal suan mi yesterday

i jokingly ask her to be my wife...

she said" my mother told mi i nid some1 who will earn more n be more capable than mi so that i can have agd life..
n honestly i tink u do not match the criteria.. in 10 yrs time i seriously do not see u climb higher than mi"

damn.. see ppl look down on mi.. i can see alot of ppl look down on mi lo
tat why i have to do well
but still the engine in mi cannt start again after a few yr of rest
who can motivate me???

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