Saturday, March 18, 2006

i guess ppl noe each other for a motive

lesson learnt: gals dun throw herself on u

haha they gt motive 1

yesterday went on a date/meeting with jocelyn..

well went to raffles place.. go coffeeshop.. later bring me to office
sound familiar modus operandi..

becoz i do it before.. 2 or 3 yrs ago. i oso went to this office, albbeit it is in eunos..

haha.. its mlm or slm or directs elling at its best..lolz
dunnoe tat she actuali do this thing..
although she sound driven n focused
sumhow i duno she do tat kind of things

nt say it is a bad thing.. bt it nt suitable for every1.. hopefully she understood it..
n drag her out of it fast
udergo hrs of persuasion.. but still i nt convinced.. she tok tok tok tok.. n ask her superior or wad tok tok tok.. maybe i too dumb to them.. so they wan deceive me
haha.. but lol i m unmoved

joc ah joc hope u can extract urself out of it..
reali sound like cult.. greet each other.. promising to help every ppl to rise up


hmm guess gals reali so bad..
cant anyow trust gals

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