Thursday, March 16, 2006

i found a special girl

hmm on sunday i found a special gal.. she a gal i msg in wlny.. tink i know her in the beginning of yr..
haha..she veri cute .. when i first mit her, alreadi haf deja vu.....
omg tink i m starring in meet the parents movie lidat.. she was there with her FATHER!

haha... i faster retreat sia... so fast mit the parents... wahah she want to get married to me?

lol.. decided to go to marina sqaure.. walk nxt to her.. find it weird.. notice i cant reali loook her in eye.. haha.. me shy boi i guess..
after walk ard to decide where to dine in.. she very cheeky lei.. ask me treat.. haha i reali dunnoe how to react

i nt a romantic person or i a " know how to act in guy-gal occasion" people.. or gentleman.. so
this stunned me..

finali decide on long john silver.. haha in the morning i was oso thinking of long john silver becoz i saw pamper me meal.. yummy.. but it is shrimp.. i cant eat SHRIMP or prawn..
lol..hmm hmm she act very lady.. hm wait for me to buy food for her.. haha first time sia.. usualli gal very independent 1..haha maybe i guess she is like tat..
heex she stole my chicken n french fries

haha.. den went to marina square open space..den sit on bench.. den chat

i find her cute
the way she act.. hmm
getting to like her?????

question marks..

haha me tml going for dragon boat cohesion day at kallang river.. n then long wkend

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