Tuesday, October 18, 2005

she just wun understand

.i tink i did it again..

lol i create another lijun..=x

hmm she totally ignore mi le

she just dun understand

or hmm i just dun understand her well euff..

hmm i alway played this kind of jokes on ppl lei

yesh i m childish .. yesh i bad..

but u will noe i seriously just joking.. maybe this joke is abit bad.. but hmm. wat will u do when u haf a fone n u r alone in the office, doing nth but stariing at com
i stare at com whole day.. n doing OT again,..
n hmm i succesfully played this trick on 2 of my fren earlier
they nv took it seriously n successfull recognize my voice after awhile.. i nv seriously fake my voice..it just another boliao stuff i do.. hmm duno how it is linked to hw i treat my frens..

hmm maybe seriously i do treat my frens badly.. maybe tat why i gt so few frens..
but i given all to my frens request.. nv refuse them..

i seriously am tired..

n hmm seriously hey i guess i just face the com everyday la.. no point going out.. no point toking to ppl..

hmm maybe it will be my childhood again... always alone.. alwayjust being alone at home.. eat slp work.. how i wish i could find work to occupy myself.. hmm work do solve problems.. =) i worked frm the age of 11..

maybe i just be a workhorse.. haf no feelings.. just worked to death

i rambling again

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