Sunday, October 16, 2005

grieving is part of the process.. but why for me, it take so long?


life is so unfufilling for me

i duno why i cant tink of positive side of life
see the rainbow of life
see the kids mingling ard happily
remember the joy of success
enjoy the process of striving for something unachieveable
maybe tat why i alway tink of ways of outdoing myself
but u;timaelt i duno
maybe i nt gd euff
my negative thinking kick in again..
i want to try out for the standard chartered marathon during dec period.. 10lm

ahha although nt alot for us.. but it is a milestone for me..

ACCA.. accounting degree.. a difficult challenege.. a mountain to climg.. i wan to climb it.. although i noe i will end up bruised.. but no effort mean no success.. try n fail is at least better

at least ic an live with it..

so long nv see cailian le
where she gone
i sori for wat i did
it just childish

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