Saturday, September 17, 2005

long time no update..

duno lei

yesterday i book out at abt 12am.. midnite
wah lau eh.. take taxi home lo.. sian lo.. i cant stand a nite in this stupid camp
sumor ei coming back on sunday doing duty.. knn ..

i hate this camp.. teh ppl inside.. the fakeness in every1 including me..

i haf no motive except to get through my ns life in 1 piece..

sumhow there alway thing alway gt shit tat will ahppen to disrupt my harmony.. my peace.. my hope.. i tired to live..

my everlasting theme.. tired to live.. lol..

sumhow i wish to die to let some1 live..
since my llife is worthless..
maybe my organ b donated to let ppl live on.. maybe tat is my greatest wish...
duno why god let ppl who dun deserve to live on to live
while those who haf family to live for frens to die for to b stricken with some caqncer some disease tat stripped them of dignity and life.. leaving those who he left behind in sadness...

i deserve to die..
since i gt nthg to live on
let those who haf to live on to live on..

oh god..

i dun haf courage to kill myself

i going marina to eat steamboat soon..lolx

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