Friday, September 23, 2005

fri nite.. bad news come in

fighting against the gloom that shadow over my heart... n mind... n threaten to swallow sanity whole.. i going crazy.. i going mad..

i m disgusted against saf

i m disgusted by human selfishness

i oso gt thing to do wad..

i wan go marina bay with my fren.. eat steamboat bbq oso..


actually some1 is slated to go for atp fatigue work at pasir laba camp.. which will take 1 whole saturday...

sunday bk out

he go complain.. say he gt gf date at sat.. pui.. he confirm dun wan his saturday burnt onli..

life sux..

i oso wan go fren marina bay dinner..

but why i cant go
i kana arrowed to go for this stupid thing i dun nid to go at the first day

stupid saf

stupid human selfishnessss

i m disgusted n disappointed

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