Sunday, June 05, 2005

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Flirt Quiz - Score Card

chua jin cai, You scored 36 percent in this test!
chua jin cai, to become a successful flirter, you have to get a bit more self-confidence and develop more empathy. You're approach is too clumsy not very charming. It's not too surprising that your moves will be blocked. You lack the right feelings when it comes to flirting. So please listen to your heart and follow your feelings. You have to relax a bit and then your "message" will be much easier received by your heartthrob. Don't put yourself under too much pressure and try to find out what the other person likes, what her interests are, what turns her on. Using this first common points, it'll be much easier for you to get closer to her.

too boliao liao... wan take quiz n things to find out more abt me.. but hmm i dun put much in it.. but enjoy reading it!

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