Sunday, June 05, 2005 sunday!! bk in day.. sianzzzzzzzzzzz

sian bk in date~~

in abt 2 hr time i will bk in le.. this is the most horribly sian period of my life..haiz

let recap wat sunday i do..

practically nth

online frm 10am... online tok play game.. until 2 plus

until some1 told me abt THE TEENAGE ICON......

wat tat????? u may ask

it is a event i dun even understand after i go to see..

basically 30 contestants go sing sing act cute cute?

haahaz.. me too old for this.. cough cough

basically i saw HER n HER.

when i saw her when i reached there, she was on the fone.. she dressed lianish... baggy black shirt n white skirt n her white sling bag.. quite lianish ?? her hair prettily tied up.. tok abit loud.. hmmm i was just 5 feet away frm her.. she n me look at each other once.. my heart thumped.. will she recognize me? she seem to notice me... den turn back to her fone.. den i drift further away frm her.. eyes on her all the time.. but i m waiting for the other 1..

why she havent come yet??

i stand next to the rubbish bin outside cineleisure.. glancing at every face tat passed by me.. abit nervous n out of place.. becoz every1 seem so hip compared to me.. orchard is reali nt for me..

my fren come.. cc come le.. haha he specially come over frm beach rd.. i jio him 1..

why she havent come yet?????????????

den suddenly a gal walked past me with her frens.. she seem familiar... veyr familiar.. her msn pic is with specs.. the gal i see nv wear specs.. she wear a sexy purple shirt.. quite tanned.. dyed hair.. her cute cute bag.. hip cool gal..hehe.. walked past me... just a few step away me nia.. i was toking to my fren when suddenly i notice she walked past me... i froze.. i whispered to my fren tat is who i waiting for..

i suddenly dunnoe wat to do.. i wanted to tok to her but my legs seemed froze to the floor.. i can onli watch her walk further further away frm me.. hee i just followed..

slowly n steahily i caught up with her.. she toking to her contestant fren..

i walked past her again.. took a pic.. but haiz..


i had achieved my target le.. i saw her..
n her..

dunnoe wat to do le..

no interest in the show le...

haha.. walk ard cineleisure with my fren.. toking cock.. wasting time..

den ard 6 plus.. walk down n saw HER again

wan to tok to her arnot??

my mind pondered..

but i walked away.....
as i alway will..

haiz.. ready to bk in now.. sianz..

hmm the other gal lehz? she abit disappoint me

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