Saturday, April 09, 2005

i veri sad

hmm i feel very sad.. gals r a mystery to me

why some gal so ncie to me yet hurt me deeply?


hmm gt a gal hor..almost everyday either i sms her or call her but she seem to haf many guys.. can see in her blog.. hmm haha she claim she love me.. n i oso gt say.. hehe but i duno la.. i seem to say i love u to many gals.. m i bad? or fickleminded.. duno who will c this entry.. pls forgive me for my fickleness.. becoz guys r naturally fickle.. i m nt bad i maybe like to tink too much.. say love other ppl thinking maybe she will love me back but in my heart i dun love her.. wahaha.. dunnoe wat i tinking la.. maybe u dun understand wat i toking too.. becoz i toking nonsense again..

hmm if u understand wat i toking, maybe u can enlighten me .. why i doing this? why i like to hurt myself?'

why i wan to bz myself with work wan to immune myself to everything but yet alway feel so sad so disillusioned?

wah see some blog .. again i so sad... removed my name frm her blog.. seem to b more happier when nt chatting with me or smsing me..haiz.. i tink too much.

gt 1 more gal la.. she seem dun wan get involved with me again le.. once say she luv me.. now getting bz with her studies.. getting far far away frm me.. but i seme to haf feeling for her..

i write so much.. but which gal i real;i like?

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