Sunday, April 03, 2005

i m feeling old

haha.. every1 graduating but i alreadi graduate yr

old liao la jincai haha time reali pass very fast.. i alreadi serve damn army for abt 5mth.. still gt 1 yr 8 mth to go..arghhh..

dun wan to tink abt it le la.. it pretty useless to tink.. there is so many work to occupy my mind..very happening army..

wed n thur i went for live firing.. shoot shoot sar 21.. quite fun but my back suffer.. i gt medical condition but they force me to go there.. hai~~.. hai wo de back pain for quite long.. now still gt abit numbness. hopefully by tml will b ok..

wah my work drive crash..hee.. maybe too much rubbish liao.. or too many work given to me.. wah feel i cannt cope with it.. hopefully i can clear all the shit by this wk..

=( netfren is a illusion fren is a fad true fren is forever... who can b my true fren? hai!!!!!!

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