Monday, March 28, 2005

see SAF warrior

rdy to fight a war tml

confirm alot of arrow waiting for me in camp

sian i going back to tat life again

can any1 understand how hard is to go back to a place with so many responsibilites?

it threaten to swallow u whole
threaten to overwhelm u

alot of thing to do la.. duno la.. mebbe this is my life le.. going to overwhelm my life

i dun wan tink abt feeling dun wan to tink abt love dun wan to tink of university n the fact tat i nv will measure up.

nv can b a person who can b a very nice ...b a person who every1 wholeheartedly can say is a gd person.. i bad very bad.. full of faults

bye any1 who see this blog

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