Sunday, March 27, 2005

long time nv blog la..

yo i back after a long break..

actually is my com spoil la

but duno lehz m i away at all?

every1 seem same to me

ok la.. update update abt my life

still sux la.. as usual.. alway staying in for the wk.. but getting used to it.. my life will b army for the next 2 yrs

alot of thing to do during the wk.. boss alway gif me thing to do.. is it i ez to bully or i too capable liao?

haha.. lolz.. at least i still haf my humour..

during early wk, some1 frm my unit jumped down frm 4th floor.. make me wonder why ppl is so stupid euff to commit suicide... hmm although i tink i want to die, but i dun haf the courage to do so la.. make me wonder whether i should admire the person to do this.. he onli suffered fractured back but this will ruin his life forever. guess something should not be done.. or u will regret forever.. but wat if there is nthg to regret since u alreadi die.. i guess the person onli regret is tat he have nt died frm the fall

wat rubbish i speak? duno if any1 understood at all.. hey gt any1 support my blog anymore? i tink i writing to a blank wall

hey lijun tok to me liao

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