Sunday, November 14, 2004

feeling beta

today do lots of stufff
wake up early play soccer.. no skill liao la.. gt lots of chance but nv convert.. lousy me
oo play to lunch time.. but i go eat lunch with 1 of my gd buddy,,
eat talk.. lol tok abt life.. hmm he feel abt the same with me.. hmm but he gt solution to solve the prob while i dun haf the courage or willto solve it.. 1of my bad faults.. hmm i rather let ting happen to me more than i go make thing to happen.. guess i react rather can propose...

guess the sheer thinking of life or the future of urself happen to every1 when they reach certain age after u finished sstudying..

ahhh 1oof some best advice given to me is dun tink too much.... say this is just life..

lol lol i duno wat to tink la.. i alway is a confusd emotionally weak person.. feel i super inferior..

hmm. den after tok tok go home rest awhile den come out again
.. go paya lebar play billards.. lol sit kfc for awhile to rot..haha ..
den go watch soccer..

funny thing happen : the lottery ntuc auntie asked if i m 18 when i buying strike.. haha wah i look so young ah..

even my fren say i look young n cute.. look like teeenager sia when i m bald..haha
stuPId la..

i wan find something tat will make my life a wonderful thing in earth.. wat is tat thing?

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