Saturday, June 12, 2004

as usual


life as usual

gt 2 bday gals today.. send them sms n songs.. hope they like it..^^

while the day herald happy days for some, it may signal bad days for some.. hear frm a fren her bf aunt die at a young age of cancer..hmm havent married yet.. wonder life is tat vulnerable.. if so.. why ppl dun treasure it?

why i dun feel anyting for my life..?

btw, how much is repairing the shutter door of a shop cost? i hope it is nt tat ex.. hope for the best.. dun worry dun tink too much.. i noe thing will go well for u.. hao xin you hao pao

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Mysticman said...

Hi xiaoBao aka xb..lamest guy in the worlD, I was out surfing on the net looking for the lastest info on DIC. Ok as usual wasn't exactly what I was looking for but it got my attention and interest , now I see why I found your page when I was looking for DIC anyway I'm glad I stopped by you have a great blog. Thanks for the read ...catch you later!