Wednesday, June 16, 2004

after a few days


heh.. caught in euro fever.. forget n no time to write blog.. but due to audience pressure n exepectations, i decide to write 1 today..

hehe.. for past few days. is soccer betting mad liao la.. bet bet n alway go down to nearest betting outlet to hear market talk.. although i dun haf alot of betting capital n if i lose all, i wun bet le..

hmm.. rather lucky .. although lose all at first day but win the next 3 days.. tink recover lose n win by abit..

hopefully next few dats will have better luck, i wan to b rich!!!!!!!!!!

somemore, i wan money to meet netfrens.. hehe..she quite on to meet me but i no idea how to meet her n where.. see fate bah

boo.. i wish to have a interesting life.. go go portugal

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