Friday, August 17, 2007

i feel so old

sumtime is onli me.. or maybe is i feeling old alreadi.. hmm feel no energy to do anything.

feel life is so monotonous until it so sians..

i guess there mani things in life i havent done n dare to do so.

i tink this is my worst failings.. not daring to do anything risky or bound to fail stuff..

hais come again to tink. u onli will live this life once. y nt live it as best as u can..

eat wad u can. do wad u can. travel as u can. experience as u can ..

there so much things i havent done. yet i m here tinking wad can i do

i feel so mao dun...

when can i have a companion to dare me to break my boundaries.

i feel so sian . there no ppl to brighten my life. n yet i cant brighten other ppl life

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