Wednesday, July 04, 2007

old frens are always better

start to remind me of good old days.. wonder how fast time have passed me by

stll remb i a young little boi who step into sec sch .. go thruugh 4 different classes.. 1e3. 2 e1. 3e2. 4e2

things seem so far yet so clear to me... alot of old frens faces i suddenly remb.. i start to wonder wad they doing..

wonder wad have happen to make us drift apart after a few yr. 10 yrs have passed... since i sec 1

n it seem nt so long ago... the young teenager have become a grown man... similarly his frens have done so n soar high in their respective lives.. some have married.. some have children.....

it really seem nt so long ago we r sitting together in a class having fun together.. having recess.. playing soccer after school.. it seem nt so long i have crushes on my fellow female class mates n they all have grown into fine woman.. it also seem nt so long that i have made fun n tease many of them,, yet they still remb me ..still remb my names.. although some of the names have nt come to my mind tat so easily.. but i nv forget they have once made a impression in my life...

wow.. ii guess i have made some impression on some ppl afterall.. i guess i nt a useless person anyway...

i seriously hapi.. wad made me suddenlt write this blog.. becoz this wk i suddenlt mit alot of sec sch frens out of evverywhere.. everywhere i see is my sec sch frenn.. n the best ting is they remb mee.. lol..

hmm i guess i have nt lived my life in vain.. i shd continue to make a impression on ppl life.. hopefully a day i will be a nice memory in their mind..

haiss.. i reali feel nostaglic abt the old times in sec sch frens.. it seem so carefree compared to now.. haa.. so i guess old frens r always better..

nowadays ppl seem to have no time for another...

i guess 10 yrs frm now.. if u r looking now, i perhaps r tinking of how i m meeting u at this moment of time

cailian. online in irc f4. meet at tamp mall in my ugly clothes

amelia. online in irc. meet at tanjongpagar mrt with her bf

lijun. onlin in irc. meet at kbox cineleisure

chienwen .. online in irc.. meet at plaza singapura...

it seem nt so long ago we meet.. now we r doing well in our different ways..

wonder in 10 yrs times.. r we still tinking of hhow we made a impression in each person lives

cheers to every1.. enjoy ur lives

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