Monday, June 18, 2007

interview galore.. wkend shag

life so tiring

lol sat went do event @ jurong bird park.. abit hectic n disorganised..

hmmm but okk la.. at least a day go by

sunday whole day online n slp n rest

today went iinterview galores.. 2 agent interview n 3 company interviews.. damn shagged..

hmm alrite la.. dunnoe do well arnot.. hmm latefor first 1.. do ok in second n third..

haha.. well i alreadi tio offered a job for the third jjjob..

but dunnoe wan to take arnot

becoz it is damn far...

n damn funny

national healthcare grp ppolyclinic..=0

well i m tiredd now...

can other company offer me jobs.. i will reply ppl on wed...

tml 3 mre interviews to go

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