Saturday, May 26, 2007

a day of fun sun n soccer

today finali bring alot of frens together to play so relaxing n destressing.. but tink again.. lol it back to daily grind n groove of life.. damn sian.. but reali enjoy 3 hrs of soccer..

damn shagged.. damn hot.. but in the end a few hrs of laughter, goals, a scraped knee, calves pains, a missed penalty

life is not perfect after all.. but it is this little n few moment of joy that make it perfect...

while understanding life has its up n down, we shd remember more of the joy and strive forward..

seriously i dun tink i have tempered down my ambitions.. but i tink wad i wan is those little moment of pure happiness

doing things u wan,,, but in life, how u can manage to do it..

so on top of my ambitions, i aim to be happy and doing things i like..

whho care how ppl think.. in the end u r onli accountable to urself n ur family n ur frens..

dun be a failure.. but success is wad i define..

i wan to be a success where i bring joy to every1

even if i die, i will leave with a smile.. knowing i have nt lived this life in vain

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