Thursday, April 26, 2007

did i overestimate myself?

till now, i havent receive my ntu or nus acceptance letter.. so did i realli overestimate myself in tinking i will succeed in wadeva i want.. i dunnoe why i work or dream so hard,, wad is success.. i wonder..issit becoz i wan be a different person

i want get wad i wan.. n wad i dream... then maybe i wun call my life as a wasted life...

bur i rink sometime i set too high standards for myself.. or tink too highly of myself.. wad acca.. wad first class honor.. wad ntu engineer.. wad double dgree.. lol i oso feel not so confident in getting my dippploma in this jun.. so fast.. 1 mth den exams le.. 5 paper.. route to success or failure??

everyday i feel so tired.. work so hard n no time to revise.. or issit i no discpline?

i wonder why m i thinking of this way.. whyi nt born a scholar.. m i really so limited in wat i m going to achieve

my frens often thoought well of me.. say i smart n blah blah blah........

but m i really smart clever hardworking/

i feel so useless.. did i come so far in order to wallow in despair?

can some1 give me a word of comfort?

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