Thursday, March 22, 2007

today mar 23

soon it will be apr.. it will be 3 mths gone since the start of yr.. to do a summarize.. wad have i done
actuali nt much,, change a few job .. enrol few course. determine to finish my cat by jun.. but need alot of financial resource n will. becoz the exam will be like olvls.. hais.. i still bankrupt i eat biscuit for lunch n i stay at home as much as possible.. how to achieve my 20k by this yr end? erm i dun even have 10 dollars in my bank acct

life looking harder n harder..

just ended my his job on wed... lol it been a educating tour ard the job industry,, learn abit but dun tink euff..

learn my social skills is reali very poor , can mark F for it

it will serioously hinder my quest for financial freedom!

ok all my wants n needs i havent achieve yet..

for next 9 mths,, i hope i will do better in life..

2007 can u be more kinder to me?

hmm lovelife a blank.. career a blank... jincai is totally useless.. thanks

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