Wednesday, March 28, 2007


why life nv go my way 1? i wan go this way but pian pian they go their way.. i veri tired of stupid life..

love reading financial n life management books.. been going to TIMES N MPH go see see look look

dun have money to buy lei .. 1 blk 30 dollars... machiam i can eat 1 wk outside le..

damn sad.. why my life is full of shit ??

been losing money in soccer. it been a losing venture.. hais.. lose nearly 400 dollars.. knnccbknsccb...

this wk whole wk slack,.. nth to do.. no part time job do oso.. waiting for apr.. so tat i can continue working..

nw work at sony.. hopefully can work beyond 1 mth.. earn big bucks,.. b happy

now i serioously considering nt to go study full time becoz.. i tink i have adapted to this life.. working life

although it sux, bbut i love to see my salary being credited into my acct.. going study will seriously hamper my sources of income.. hmm although if i grad, i will earn 2 thousand n more.. but there is no guarantee..

maybe i shd study degree part time la.. maybe easier.. maybe nt recognizable.. but can earn when u study.. though streess.. but i dun mind stress.. i love money n strresss....

hmm can any1 advise me on wad to do?

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