Wednesday, November 15, 2006

blog now or never

crazyme.. msn spoil.. so i come here to blog.. si bei sian... today do nth much again.. so went bet on sccer again.. hope to win again... pls win.. haiz but i lose 1 ticket.. 3 more tickets to go..tired of betting.. but no choice.. i need money.. last wkend win abit.. so financial worries ease abit.. but still gt long way to go

wah my 5 subject of CAT cost 2200 to enrol in.. diao tat 440 for 1 subject.. where to find those money...

worry worry again..

sometime i wonder if i can be a sweet boi arnot.. i dun know how to sweet tok.. i dunnoe how to do sweet things..
i wonder if a gal decide to be with me... will she be happy....

will i send morning sms to wake him up.. sms her sweetnthg whether i can.. go out wiht her n make her smile.. spend zillions of money to make her day.. n do things to let her remb me sweetly..

wah.. hard to imagine me to be a romantic.. i such a dead person

hmm still many days to ord.. wad to do.. just wait lo

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