Saturday, October 21, 2006

finali can blog

well i on saturday duty.. damn sad.. but ok la... can use inet..

haiz totally sian.. duno wad to blog... i gt alot of thing to wonder but duno how to type it out

basically all abt my future.. haiz

first, i realise i will have alot of financial burden to worry abt nxt life.. in order to rush my CAT certification by nxt june, i need ard 2 k.. haiz...

alot of money to consider.. so i must find a perm job soon.. but i still stuck in army.. 2more mth.. reali need to find pt job to alleviate my financial debt..

haiz.. how i wish to find a rich gf... the other problems is i keep seeig couples all ard.. arghh pretty gals hung ard thier bf arms.. sianz

how i wish to find a gf but i too ugly n no person care abt me..

sian now amelia added to the list of ppl who ignore me

m i so detestable??

ade still dun tok to me but she send me a sweet bday sms...haiz.. i still tink of her deeply..

hmm somehow i guess i can anyhw find 1.. there r so mani desperate gals ard.. oopps//

but somehow i find a true one.. some1 who reali care for me.. some1 who is very sweet funni accommdating pretty..

when tat special some1 will come?

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