Saturday, September 02, 2006

finali back..

hmm reali spent 4 days in cammp.. damn hahha..

lolz actually dun mind... it quite fun staying in camp.. toking cock with camp mates.. doing work

all in ord mood lo.. so it quite ok.... we keep comparing our clearing leave period..

i hope to clear leave by mid sept...

but there are still 2 more weeks..

stress 2 works ahead becoz there are the start of Exercise valiant mark.. where the US marine come over and visit us

sian sia.. hmmm maybe nid wear smart 4 and stay in whole wks... but nvm i can tahan 1

last few days i was in camp due to various reason.. first is duty on tues. den night training on wed,,, n thurs no nite off and fri range.. sat morning nnnnnnid to prepare stuff and then can bk out.. shag/// h,, first time shoot range soo satisfying.. ahtough no marksmanship but still not so bobo as before/... enjoy myself totallgy

thiiiiiiinking of future.. wad will i be in 5 years tiem?

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