Saturday, August 12, 2006

wad is success?

success is measured by wad u achieved in this life
every person in this life want something
bbut not every1 will get what they want

wad did i wan for this lifE?

i nt sure
my personality is too mellow

i lost my mum
i lost my motivation

i write down some aims.. like being a CPA and getting a driving license
those aims r secondary
hmm ultimately wad i wan is a hapi life without no worries n lots of frens

i dun feel that i have alot of frens.. certainly i do not have a gf before
i duno wad the feeling of love
i dun even know wad the feelings of having a person to confide in
i have no frens
no frens tat care for me anyway

i desire nth for life.. except to make some impact on ppl life
tat will be my success

ndp over.. a new sstart
new beginnings..

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