Friday, July 14, 2006

wkend sumup

ndp fun n short.. we lie down in bus n tok cok while waiting for the performers to come back... learn tat there r mani mani mani more ppl better than me.. n achieving so muchh

wad the fuck is me? i just a worthless person living in a nightmare.. i just wan something to hold on.. but

then afterfinishing the saikang, i just went to my normal prata eating place to meet up with frens

weelung chenwei cheechun teckguan alex.. so mani hor.. lol then we start to tok lo

goals, orientation prog, gals pic, teckguan, aust n newzealand trips, loves, past loves, dreams....

i feel terribly down after that.. we chat whole nite

i felt scared n rotten

life is just a disgusting process..

i feel like dying but i cant die..
i will miss my family my frens my

so mani things i wan do.. but bo money... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh k800i new target!

haha... damn i becoming very spendthrift

but it is very horrible to live a life which u spend half the time to save!
u must enjoy urself!

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