Saturday, June 24, 2006


* wed - duty

*thurs- ndp and fall sick.. gastric pain.. jialat.. vomit until no day no nite

*fri- duty

*sat - ndp stadium..

*sun-- fuck.. duty again

i like kana extra duties... but all these duties i help ppl cover for a cost

u see i money-grubber..

i need money n lobang.. my CAT need 3 k n then i nid to go for ACCA which cost twice the cost?

wah liew.. sumore i may enroll into ntu/nus/smu... pending application approval..

duno lei.. i seriously need money

money drop frm sky lei

hmm.. i definitelly wan achieve, even at the expense of my life..

=) sian why i bet on world cup ah.. lossess 100 plus... sian

hmm lijun tok to me.. i so happy....

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