Friday, June 16, 2006

a recap of the week

ok.. meet 3 gal in 3 days.. two on wednesday....

1 on today..

damn shagged

i meet different kind of gals..

ok i slowly describe them

1) renee fu jia yi

haha i meet her n her fren.. super boring..
she the high high class gal..

hmm shop in her branded bag n going into branded gds shop
me totally like a idiot, follow them
tried to tok to them...
but dun seem to have topics to tok lei
i so quiet guy
in the end so sian meet her..
den erm i abit bad.. ask her qns tat i shd nt ask..
tink i left a bad impression on her..

2) kim..

i just know her by kim

she a 24 yr old gal.. when i mit her. is after office hrs..
she wear the OL dress.. it show her cleavage.. although nt bad.. but erm damn sexy la..
hmm she told me abt the society, herself..
in the end, find out tat she a ENYOUTH staff...
supper sian..
but enyouth super alot of chiobus sia..
in the end mit several of her colleague.. they wna me to join..
den they quite tok cock..
She said i sound rude..
die.. i left bad impression on another gal liao

3) wei qing.

she scary
in her pic, i know she is pplump
but when i see her
she was like twice my size and almost as tall as me
omg she can envelop me la..
she say me rude again..

i won battalion best soldier.. just taken the pic.. and plaque.. shiok

ermm omg she wearing a low cut dress.. damn erm un flattering to her figure..haha..
i duno wad to say
just try to hide disappointment and chat with her
we see movie..
I watch slither..
eeeeeeeeeek show..
nxt time tell u more abt the movie...

haha.basically this is the 3 gals imet

this is the pic i taken for the presentation for best soldier in 3 Guards for may...

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