Friday, June 02, 2006

$$$$$$ desperate times need desperate means

ok la..
just took a break from blogging for a wk..
whole week nth much to do or think or anything la..
just being arrowed to do ndp n knowing the news that i will be at national stadium do sai kang every sat frm nxt wke.. so bless me my god..
hear it will be frm 8am till 10 pm lo

sian 1.2

my future seem to be a standstill..

i dunnoe wad to do next..

tink i wan pursue CAT this coming july if i cant have enough money..

then driving.. i will continue to pursue it..
cannt Give up..
failure does not make a man..
success make a man..

hmm haha yestttterday received news tat i m the most improved soldier for mth of may..
wtf where do i improve in?
sumtime i tink the awards r being screwed up
but gd la..
My COS(certificate of service) will have many thing to write

my ultimate aim is OUTSTANDING.. for cos..

but turbulent unknown times are ahead..
jincai jia you

wah i wan take pictures eveyrday
so as to remember everyday
as i get older, i tink i nid to treasure everyday..
so i hope to do one meaningful thing everyday..

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