Tuesday, May 16, 2006


erm ..
i oso duno wad to post

i create another hotmail acc
if u wan add me, oso can


i gt over 400 contacts in my prev msn.. so scary..
sumtime my online personnel can be up to 150

i just breeze through the contacts today n try to trm those who i nv chat.. n thos nv online 1..

in the end can onli cancel off ard 10

the rest all given me some memories i treasure..

eugenia.. the gal .. who in 2004 even considered gg steady with me(but she onli 15 tat yr).. n we share many intimate memories.. haha i always look at her webcam.. now i still gt her frenster.. see her growwth.. i duno why we separate.. duno why we become further away.. she say she wan concentrate on studies/ nmaybe she tink relationship wun work out.. then lidat lo.. still miss her

yizhen.. still always online.. haha oso 14 tat yr when she know me..now 17 this yr.. how time pass..
haha i onli remb abt her is tat i miss seeing her at a event at cineleisure..
lols.. n the countless phone conversation we haf..+_+

minmin.. still online.. haha but gt bf liao.. sad sia..i tink she still regards me as a frens.. haha.. meet her countless times.. be it in tp or anywhere... haha she my first netfren i mit..but nowadays seldom tok long.. is hi bye fren liao

lijun.. the gal who always blk me.. she always gif me mixed feelings.. i oso duno wad she tink of me..
maybe i nt gd euff to be her fren. nwadays she dunn care abt me le.. hais.. wonder how she doing

above those r the ppl i tink we have fallen away frm each other since we noe each other.. hmm we noe each other damn long.. abt 4 yrs le ba.. i tink.. i wonder how they doing n i wish them the best.. haha i cfm wish to get back lijun most.. she the gal who excite my life the most..

cuiting, liwen=> various reason

=_= den the rest our frenship still going on strong after so many yrs.. i thank them for tolerating my crap n lamenesss..

cailian, peishan, amelia.meiqi yanping...yanting

haha this are the gals i knwo from irc..
hahaha.. many yrs le.. i long long time nv play irc le.

now play wholivenearu,myspace,zorpia.. tat why i noe more different gals, broaden my horizons...

bt sumhow i still feel closer to my frens i know from irc..

haha.. dunowhy.. always share my feelins wth them..
maybe fated to be frens ba... thanks for them

anyway i gif myself a english name.. jaycee..
jaycee chua jincai

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