Saturday, February 04, 2006

summary of wk activites..

hapie cny finish.. so back to biz in army camp..
bk in wed morning..

hmm.. normal stuff lo.. do work slack.. but then gt wat stupid AAR.. after action review meeting.. basically tok cock session.. it started frm thursday till maybe nxt wk?

quite slack this wk.. but however... cant bk out.. actually wan secretly booked out on thurs nite.. but veri tired la.. den slp slp lo..
haha wah
i slpt alot this wk lo..
actually getting to like to slp le..
but lol...

actually friday 2pm can bk out.. but being HQ coy, we bk out late... we reallyd epends on the whims n wishes of our superiors.. which i dislike very much.. today i abit noisy..
haha kana alot of arrows.. shit..
nid to do alot of stuff..
sian sian..

kana 1 time big arrow
during cny celebration in our battalion, i was arrowed to be the head of a lion.. i actuali nid to do a lion dance.. omg.. i nv been trained in this.. i was expected to hold teh stuff for a few sec... den go up perform le.. in the end we perform like shit..

the lion head very heavy.. haha now i noe how the ppl move the eyes n ears of the lion.. strings..

however inside very hot sia.. i lazy to pulll the string n so on..
wah super tired la..
is like 5 min stuff........
i was sweating all over..

first time perform lion dance..

hahaha.. any comments? wan hire me?

sianz.. gg to bk in later to do duty.. which is a sad thing..
hmm gg to miss gatehring dinner..w hich is another sad thing..
but tink after atec which is in apr..

maybe i will be more free

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