Sunday, February 12, 2006

i wan to complain

i so long nv update post le..
very busy la..
dun even haf time to self study lo
si bei sianz
but ah i also wonder if i finding reason to avoid study
cannt ka.. jincai is determined to make his mark..just want to be ahppy for once n for ever.. can god grant me this wish??

for past few days, i been busy wtih battle planning..
alot of stuff to preapre...
so not much time to be online
so was quite sad..
colleague verystressed
complain n complain
i heard until sian le...

somehow i just wish to have a peacefulk ord which is abt 310 days away
stress lei
i hate being tortoise in army le
keep hiding myself frm work
my work alot lo
try to hide le but still being aimed to do it..
alot of work work wokr work work
stress stress
i yesterday day nire 10 plus go bk
den we today everyda 1 do work finsh

havent finsihs but i bk ard ard 5om to go home
so i reali veri tred

long wk ahead
outfield lo

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