Thursday, October 27, 2005


i too disgusted for gdness sake

i had tried my best bt i still tio fucked still get crucified.

monday bridage check.. totally disgraced.. say out alot of mistkaes..

mebbe my heart is not there already

i just cannt work there le

it did nt give me any satisfaction there le

my whole life just revolve ard this stupid camp

expressing my anger n disgust here is the onli thing i can do..


i tink i going to burn my wkends


why i nv take my off earlier

now gt 3 4 days off in lieu

how many times i say it

it been a yr in this camp
maybe i been there for too long
i cannt wait to get out of here

afternote: there is no body who can tok to me le.. cailian go le.. lijun nv listen to me.. amelia is just amelia.. chienwen just chienwen./..yingying too bz.. yufen just .....hmmmmmmmmmmm

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