Sunday, July 10, 2005

killer sunday

hmm.. sunday evening time now.. going to book in erm 1 1/2 hr time.. alreadi prepared finish.. just now go watch fantastic 4.. nt bad movie.. haha johnny storm n sue storm!!!pretty pretty

i love jessica alba.. she look so great in the movie.. wah her figure.. zhan!!

haha.. yum yum..

how i wish i haf this kind of gf..=P

gaga.. saturday doesnt do anything at all.. just slack in frt of com.. lolxx.. slp quite early too.. 2 am slp le.. cannt tahan la.. become a morning person liao..

hmm now going to book in.. super sian.. n this wk abit stpid ba

going tekong tml to do shooting.. i hate shooting.. haiz

sumore must attend chemical defence lesson..

wear all those suit n mask..

tired of all these shit...
tired of everything

haiz.. sumore i cant find any1 to an wei me..

hmm if i gt ppl to support me , den gd le..

even a sms even a call will do!

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