Sunday, February 27, 2005

yoyo long time no update..

i oso forget when i last update liao.. sianz..

alway stay in.. looking at 4 walls.. haha getting more worse n worse .. its reali testing my patience..

hmm i feel i i cant sit down in army.. keep working n working.. army reali takes over my life liao army= my life.. haha

sianz la.. i duno wat to tink le..going to march le..

i alreadi feel i going to xi guan being in camp.. mebber i wun even come out during wkdays le..

haiz.. who will understand my pain?

lolz lolz getting more n more distant frm my netfrens le..

eh.. dunnoe wat to say le.. haha becoz my life isnt relai anything to write abt.. it getting to b army army army army...

yesterday nite nv online.. go some prata shop tok n tok tok until 3 plus.. haha dunnoe lehz.. dun reali interest me.. they toking abt their respective relationship problem.. n of coz abt army.. hmm how should i help them? hehehehhe

i want to plan something..

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