Monday, January 24, 2005

=.=? today coz.. see 4 pretty dxo.. finali go to northern part of sg

lolz.. monday

my coz day..
saw alot of thing frm tampines to khatib mrt..
so many sch gals.. pretty wor>.< shy wearing my smart 4..haha
den see beautiful pool of water frm khatib to yishun i tink.. duno wat reservoir is tat.. beauutful.. shining water.. haiz..too bad no camera to collect this beautiful sight..

course quite fun.. saw alot of bmt frens taking same coz.. so tok rot lo.. although i severely lack slp becoz i slp ard 4.. bt wake up at 5.. still i survive.. see 4 pretty dxo whcih mean civilian wokring in saf.. all pretty gals in their 20s.. muahaha.. woman la in their wokring clothes.. 2 thumbs up.. not bad la... gt keep staring at them=x.. hhaha.. hao se zi tu

den whole day like tat pass. abit sad wor.. take long trip frm khatib to tampines.. hai~~ wan to decdide amk but decide against it..

go back tampines buy toilet paper n pringles to store in camp.. haha.. saw old fren- gal- nt very familiar 1.. she keep looking at u.. last time tink i gt quarrel once with her..haha..

oso saw beiting.. lolz.. she as usual gif me face to c.. look like nv see me at all..

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