Friday, August 13, 2004 is friday afternoon .. 1 more day to graduation

lolx lolx.. graduation day is coming.. the day i go up take diploma.. the day i finally can give back the matric card.. alreadi almost cut into half.. duno they accept arnot.. now feeling excited lo.. wait 3 yrs for this day.. the day i finally m a diploma holder.. woO..

sure will b fun tml.. but sian ah.. haf to wear formal.. dun like wear formal.. =(.. somemore haf to wear tie..

heehehe.. will see quite alot of botak there oso.. lolx lolx.. some fren i nv see frm the day we left tp..

will b fun la..

haha.. btw u can see the webcast of the graduation ceremony. it is at 2pm to 4 pm..

any1 interested.. go tp website.. htttp:// den go see the annoucement board.. den click on tp graduation ceremony link...

u can clearly see a webcast link there...o.o... if can record down for me, it would b fun

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